What you may be looking for as you read my bio is…“Will I be able to help? Will I understand?”


Perhaps reading this will be helpful. Meeting in person is going to be the most helpful, yet this is a start.

A passion of mine is helping to shift the stigma around our mental and emotional wellbeing. I’d like to share a bit about myself and how we will work together. I have a informal bio here.

I grew up taking Pepto Bismol almost daily because of stomach pain. I later discovered that the stomach aches were a form of worrying. I did everything possible to try push the worry down. This started my own personal therapy journey and it lead me to where I am now.

Over the years, I’ve been able to help many people with different backgrounds. Through supporting people, I’ve realized that no matter the walk of life, we all have something in common. We long to feel connected. I will help you start that journey to build more acceptance with yourself and also creating the change you want.

More on how I work and what to expect

I’m a skilled, reflective listener. I’ll be able to help you move under the surface and help you explore the patterns that get you stuck. I”ll work to understand your belief systems, your form of self talk and your past/current environments. This will assist me with understanding your full story without doing too much jumping ahead or assuming. The Daring Way and Rising Strong, work is integrated in the sessions. I use an eclectic approach as we work together based on your needs and the work we are doing. I blend an eastern approach with western psychology.

I pay attention to patterns and I will bring kind and direct attention to them as it relates to the goals you have. My personalty is genuine, humorous, compassionate, and intuitive so you will experience that in our sessions. I will challenge you at times and bring a different perspective to a situation. You will hear me share a personal story at times to help you on your journey. I will also do some psycho-educational work in our sessions. I work in a more long term capacity with clients and on a weekly basis. Depending on your goals, if you want to create new patterns, this is going to take some time.