Supporting you to grow and live a wholehearted life is my passion. Think of me as your head, heart, brain, and soul coach.

At times we all need support navigating our lives and there are many reasons we might want to seek individual therapy.

Most often, I work with people seeking help with; relationships, perfectionism, career support + finding your purpose, blocked + feeling stuck, obsessing + re-playing self worth, anxious, grief, transition, depressed or down, and a spiritual yearning to grow.

You could be a very high achieving person and still, you want to grow and live your best life.

Reasons why people start therapy and what I can help with:

-You want meaningful connections with friends, family and or a partner

-You want to communicate more effectively in business and work relationships

-You just left a job, you just started a job or you are thinking about a job/career change

-You want to find more meaning and purpose in life, spiritual yearning to grow

-You want to manage or run a business from a cohesive place and not driven by fear

-You want to strengthen and grow your relationships with (family, work, partner, child, friendships)

-You long to feel less guilty as a parent and want tools when you lose your cool. You always said that you would do things differently then your parents. You find yourself doing the same patterns or going in the opposite

-You long to feel understood without feeling judged

-You find yourself holding back, in self- doubt, worrying about all the things that could go wrong. You may tell yourself to stop over-thinking, yet that doesn’t work

-Decisions can feel daunting at times. You second guess yourself and then become frustrated for second guessing

-You feel shut down in certain situations, if you speak up, you feel worried about offending someone or them being cold to you. You end up leaving a conversation feeling more frustrated

-Nervousness before you have a conversation, worry about the conversation, you may play it in your mind many times

-You pick up on people’s energy or mood and sometimes feel affected by it and drained

-You feel like you should be doing something else with your life

If this sounds like something you need, let’s set up a time for you to come in.