You want to talk about it, but you don’t at the same time. You want a full psychotherapy practice and you struggle with the business side of running a practice. The details of running a business is not your jam and the fear monster tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t be in private practice.


Grow Your Private Practice Consulting Sessions

I did not learn how to start a private practice in grad school. I learned it through making mistakes, being imperfect, taking additional courses and doing my own personal work. It can make you feel vulnerable to ask for help. What we say and practice with our clients is essential that we practice it with ourselves. These sessions can also be done via skype.

  • Implement solid business practices that are inline with your values

  • Work with fears around money and marketing

  • Work with your inner critic that may be telling saying “you can’t do this and what do you know?”

  • The Daring Way and Rising Strong Curriculum (workbooks included)

  • Working with shame in therapy room and your own personal energy

  • Boundaries are not about putting walls up, learn more about how to work within the therapeutic relationship

  • Become more comfortable holding space for clients to process without fixing. Overtime, you will be more comfortable with this and help your clients to have courageous conversations

  • Resources and tools that will help with organizing your practice

Side note that could be helpful- If you are working towards you full license (you can see more here) as a social worker and you need help prepping for the the exam, I highly recommend LEAP.

I’m currently not taking new individual consulting clients. Stay tuned for a course opening.