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Think of me as your biggest supporter. I meet you where you are and offer support and insight. You have the tools to succeed, and you are not alone.

Does fear and self judgment hold you back from living to your fullest potential? I know that I am not alone in this one. Therapy helps us to peel away layers in order to live our best life. Psychotherapy is not “one-size-fits-all.” Through support and guidance, I will work to support you and/or your child(ren) by engaging in a variety of tools that are needed to tailor a process for every individual.

My intention as a therapist is to help you feel safe and connected. During a time of increased stress or crisis, we can feel broken or feel the need to change, fix or escape. Everything we need to heal ourselves is inside of us. The guidance, insight, and compassion needed to live a full dynamic life come from within. My goal is to offer tools to help you create a tapestry that will to allow you to live the best life you can imagine. Being true to yourself develops a connection with your authentic self, your real essence, and liberates you from the superficial pressures and expectations of trying to be “perfect” or “fit in.” How liberating!

Areas of Experience
Child Therapy
Young Women in Transition

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